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The Purchasing Division purchases goods and services necessary for the operation and maintenance of City government. Purchases range from small dollar purchase orders to large dollar contracts for complex acquisitions of supplies, services, materials and equipment. The City of North Myrtle Beach follows its own procurement policies and methods as specified in the North Myrtle Beach Ordinance Code at www.Municode.com.

Purchases must be planned and made on the basis of adequate competition (the solicitation and participation of a sufficient number of sources to ensure that the price paid is fair and reasonable) whenever feasible. City employees are held to the highest standards of conduct in the planning and execution of purchase requirements.

Purchasing personnel use a variety of purchasing methods in obtaining goods and services. Most purchases are made informally via telephone or facsimile communication. Other purchases are made formally with requests for quotations, requests for proposals, and invitations-for-bid. The method used is based on dollar value, urgency, and complexity of the procurement.
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