Planning & Development

Planning Division   (843) 280-5566
  Director of Planning & Development James Wood, AICP
  Principal Planner Aaron Rucker, AICP
  Senior Planner / Urban Designer L. Suzanne Pritchard, PLA, AICP
  Planner Dawn E. Snider
The Planning Division is responsible for staff assistance to the North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission in its development of the City's "Comprehensive Planning Process" as defined by State Law annexations, enforcement of subdivision regulation.

2020:  CY 2020 Planning & Development Meetings and Workshops

City Ordinance: Chapter 20: Land Development Regulations
Building Division   (843) 280-5560
  Chief Building Official Delane Stevens
  Deputy Building Official John Hill
 The Building Division issues permits and inspects new construction for compliance with building codes and standard technical codes.
Zoning Division   (843) 280-5565
  Interim Zoning Administrator Ben Caldwell, AICP
  Zoning Enforcement Officer Elton Farmer, Jr.
  Code Enforcement Officer David McConnaughy
The Zoning Division approves building permits and also inspects new construction for compliance with the City's zoning regulations. In addition to administering zoning regulations, the Zoning Division prepares amendments and new zoning regulations. The City of North Myrtle Beach adopted its first zoning ordinance and map in May 1971. Major revisions to the ordinance occurred in 1976 and 1988. A new digitized map was adopted in 1991. Since the early 1980's the City has experienced steady population growth and development. The zoning ordinance has been amended many times with regulations becoming more sophisticated in an attempt to mitigate problems caused by growth. It is recommend that anyone considering development call the zoning official and discuss your project before spending money on the investment.

City Ordinance: Chapter 23: Zoning

Interactive City Map:  Available Here

Planning and Building Online Applications:  Availble Here
  Planning Commission  
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Hazard Mitigation
    Hazard Mitigation Plan (2015)  
    Hazard Mitigation Plan (2010)  
    Wildfire Mitigation (Zip File)  
    Disaster Planning  
    FEMA Local Guide Coastal Construction 2009 (Zip File)  
2018 Comprehensive Plan  
             Full 2018 Comprehensive Plan  
             Future Land Use Map  
  Local Comprehensive Beach Front Management Plan  
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Northeast Area Transportation Plan
    Executive Summary  
    Northeast Area Transportation Plan [download complete plan]  
  Fire Department Inspections  
             Fire Alarm Technical Bulletin  
             Fire Protection Inspections and Requirements  
             Tent Inspections Checklist  
    Freedom of Information Act Request  
    Contractor Substantial Damage / Substantial Improvement Affidavit  
    Estimated Cost of Reconstruction / Improvement  
    Items Required to Determine Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvement  
    Owner Substantial Damage / Substantial Improvement Affidavit  
    Substantial Damage / Substantial Improvement Review Application  
    Building Permit Fees  
    Construction Board of Appeals Application  
    Department Sign-Off Sheet  
    Grading Permit Application  
    Owner/Builder Disclosure Statement (in office pickup only)  
    Sub-Contractor List  
    Tradesman Application  
    Building Valuation Data  
    Special Exception Application  
    Petition to Close Right-of-Way  
    Petition to Relocate Beach Access  
    Zoning Variance Request Application  
    Shared Parking Application  
    Encroachment Permit  
    Roofing Letter