I need utility service, what do I need to do?  
Owners or Renter must apply for water and/or sewer service
Renters must provide the name of owner or managing agency of the property
Our customer service representative will provide the standard application - It must be properly completed and signed
The customer will receive a copy that should be kept for future reference, especially when closing out an account
The department will process the information given on the application and account number will create a permanent file for each customer
Does it matter if I am a new customer or existing customer  
applying for water service?  
Yes. Existing customers may transfer their meter deposits to the new location. New customers must provide a meter deposit. In all cases, an additional $25.00 service charge will be applied to cover cost of final reading, cut-on and cut-off and computer billing set-up.
If I am an owner who rents to others, must I have a meter deposit as well?  
Yes, both an owner and renter must have a meter deposit. The owner's deposit is security during times of vacancy. If you own the property, your deposit stays intact even if you rent the property out. You will receive your deposit when and if you sell.
 What will I be charged for a meter deposit if I own a single family home and when do I get it back?  
The current meter deposit for a 3/4-inch meter is $90.00. The meter deposit is returned, without interest, when the customer's account is closed out and there is no transfer to another location.
How long does it take to receive my meter deposit back after closing out my account?  
The city pays all its obligations on the 15th and 30th of each month. Meter deposits, less outstanding amounts owed, are processed as quickly as possible for customer convenience.
For New Construction, what must I do as far as water and sewer service are concerned?  
Once you have paid for your building permit, you will also be asked to pay all applicable fees as water and sewer tap fees, water and sewer impact fees, inspection fee and a meter deposit. Please note: If the water meter is installed at the time the fees are paid, the monthly water bill will be sent to the builder or to whomever is named as the customer for the account.
How often am I billed?  
You will receive a bill on a monthly basis. Every attempt is made to read meters on a 30-day cycle. However, weekends, holidays, or sever weather may slightly alter a billing cycle.
What kind of water bill can I expect to receive?  
Your water bill will vary according to your monthly consumption. Get current minimum rates for a 3/4-meter, single family dwelling.
What is the typical water consumption for a single family?  
Our records indicate that 6-8000 gallons is the average consumption for a 3/4-inch meter (used at single family residences). Your family's consumption may vary according to family size and water usage habits.