Public Works - Streets & Drainage

Streets & Drainage Superintendent:    John Bruton  
   Contact Phone 843-280-5536
   Contact Fax:  843-280-5521
Office hours: 8:00AM to 5:00 PM
For after work hours emergency contact, please call the Public Safety Department dispatch at 843-280-5511
Streets & Drainage Division provides the following services:
  • Asphalt paving and repair: re-surfacing, pothole patching, dirt road paving, etc.
  • Street sweeping
  • Install and maintain sidewalks and bicycle trails
  • Install and maintain street signs
  • Pick up hurricane debris
  • Install and maintain drainage ditches and storm drainage pipes.
  • Spray for mosquito control
  • Operate and maintain the swing bridge at Barefoot Resort Bridge Road

Mosquito spraying - Click here for schedule and routes

Street Light Installation Policy
Purpose This Policy shall establish standards and guidelines for the installation of streetlights along public maintained roads. Streetlights may be installed to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety. Santee Cooper installs streetlights under an agreement with the city.
Streetlights are customarily placed at the intersections of publicly maintained streets
On streets that exceed 500 ft. between intersections, streetlights may be placed between the intersections but no closer than 250 feet from the nearest light
For streets with high pedestrian or vehicular traffic, streetlights may be placed at a closer interval than outlined above at the sole discretion of the City
The City shall determine the type of pole and fixture for the streetlight. Decorative poles or fixtures may be approved for a neighborhood subject to an additional monthly cost, which may be billed directly to an HOA or property owners group
The City shall reserve the right to delay installation of any streetlight until adequate funds are available for installation and operation
City Staff shall review street light installation request to determine compliance with this policy
Street Light Requests or Problems
  Please contact the Public Works Department's Streets and Drainage Division (843-280-5536 ) to request a street light or report a street light problem. Please have the pole number or location if possible.

Street Sweeping occurs throughout the year, Monday thru Thursday, 6am - 4pm.
All major City Streets are swept on the following fixed schedule :
Street Begin Point End Point
  Main Street (Twice/week)   US17   Ocean Blvd
Ocean Blvd. 6th Ave South 17th Ave South
Ocean Blvd. 18th Ave North 56th Ave North
Sea Mountain Hwy Ocean Blvd the Swing Bridge
US17 Commons Blvd. Atlantic Beach
Ocean Blvd. 4th Ave North 6th Ave South
US17 Atlantic Beach 8th Ave North
Street Begin Point End Point
  US17 Bridge        
Ocean Blvd. 33rd Ave South 48th Ave South
Surf Street 48th Ave South 47th Ave South
Seaview Street 48th Ave South 46th Ave South
48th Ave South Ocean Blvd. US17
46th Ave South both sides of US17  
Commons Blvd. US17 cul-de-sac
Barefoot Resort Bridge Rd US17 traffic circle
Median US17    
All streets with curb are swept on a monthly basis.