License Suspension

If your license is under suspension for an unpaid ticket that was issued by the North Myrtle Beach Police Department, you must pay the fine at the Municipal Court. Upon payment you will be provided a blue DL53 which is a letter of release.
South Carolina Drivers
 South Carolina Drivers must present in person or mail the blue DL53 to:
  South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
  Drivers Records
  P.O. Box 1498
  Blythewood, SC 29016-1498
  Telephone (803) 896-5000
If the compliance is not received in the Driver Records Office before the beginning date of the suspension, a $100.00 reinstatement fee will be required by the State in order for the suspension to be withdrawn.
 Out of State Drivers
Out of State Driversmust present or mail the blue copy of the DL53, along with any applicable reinstatement fees to the state in which you are a licensed driver. Any questions you may have concerning reinstatement fees or driver license suspension must be directed to your home state.